Fidget and Sensory Toys

A selection of our very favorite fidget and sensory toys - click on the pictures to learn more!

Squishy Stress Relief Balls | Stress and Anxiety Relief Toy

Great for children and adults, alike, these stress relief balls are the perfect mix of squishy and bouncy and will never break open on you!

From one of our customers: "My 9 year old daughter is obsessed with stress balls,...We have been through sooo many, I've even made her some as it was getting quite expensive replacing the broken ones, after those breaking all over her bed (huge mess)... I spent hours searching...I finally decided on this 3 pack and I am so happy I did!"

Stretchy String Fidget | Great Fidget and Sensory Toys

Stretch them, twirl them around, knot them up - these can be used in any way your imagination sees fit. A hit with children and a surprising favorite among many of our adult customers!

From one of our customers: "These are the best! My daughter is 6 and has autism, she loves to stretch them...She has gives them to her friends who also have autism and like to manipulate things with their hands and everyone always asks where to find them. I'm glad I found such a good supplier! Thank you!"

Spiky Sensory Ring | A Great Fidget and Sensory Toy

Though primarily a toy for sensory-seekers, these are also malleable enough to make for a fun fidget experience. The soft spike create a sensation that helps sooth those in need of sensory stimulation.

From one of our customers: "I work as an elementary school administrator. I have several children who suffer with ADHD including my own son. I bought these to try with kids who need something to do while having to sit and listen for extended periods of time. They are colorful and very tactile. Great for kids who crave sensory stimulation. Neat is helping my active kids listen and learn!"

Spiky Slap Bracelets | Excellent Fidget, Sensory and Autism Toys

Slap bands are just as fun as they used to be! By combining a fun fidget (slap bands) with a soft, spiky exterior, we've made a fidget that is perfect for fidgeters, sensory-seekers and anyone in between!

From one of our customers: "We decided to use these bracelets on our son who constantly picks at his nails. We eventually phased out wrapping his fingernails and have since used these slap on bracelets. I ordered 2 sets (on different occasions) so that I would have them handy around the house. These bracelets have really helped our son! He is not so obsessed with his nails as much when he has his spiky tactile bracelets on."

Mesh and Marble Fidget Toys | Perfect Fidgets for Kids

We've taken an old classic and made it even better - more units per pack in bright, beautiful colors. Because they come in an 8-pack, you can put them everywhere - at school, at home, in a backpack, in the car!

From one of our customers: "I was skeptical, but my fifteen year old son (a test-identified kinetic learner) loves to use these when in class and...when he is studying. He says it helps him to stay calm and focused. He likes them to the point that he was hollering around the house trying to find one before starting his studying the other day "Where's my fidget thing?! Mom, do you know where that fidget thing is??" I ordered more."

Spiky Sensory Balls | Perfect Sensory and Therapy Toys

These medium-firm spiky sensory balls are a blast to play with. They're surprisingly bouncy, have a great sensory feel and come in five brilliant colors.

From one of our customers: "These are super sturdy and firm yet soft and squishy. The flexible spikes are perfect for my sensory seeking 8 year old....Love the colors!"

Koosh Balls | Latex-Free Sensory Balls and Fidget Toys

Another new twist on an old-classic. For our monkey stringy balls, we took the old style of Koosh balls and changed up the material - instead of using latex, we use TPR-rubber. This provides a unique texture and makes them safe for those with latex allergies.

From one of our customers: "Great, fun product! My clients love them!"

Monkey Foam | A Great Alternative To Floam and Play Doh

If you're looking for a fun, creative art supply for kids, look no further. We've packed a ton of this stuff into our package to give your children lots to play with. Mold it and shape it into pretty much any shape you can imagine!

From one of our customers: "I love these monkey foam bricks. They come in purple, blue, green, red, and yellow. My kids love playing with these. Better quality a lower price then similar products and big box stores...Highly recommend!"

Monkey String | A Great Alternative To Wikki / Wiki Stix and Bendaroos

Another great art supply for kids! With so many colors, they can make whatever they can dream up. Great for long car trips and other travel when kids need something to occupy their time for longer periods.

From one of our customers: "These are great!! I am an Early Intervention Program teacher for an elementary school. I have been using these strings to have Kindergarten students create letters. My Kindergarteners are not gentle...and these strings have held up very well! We are able to straighten them out and place them back in the bag to use again later. Love this product and will definitely purchase again in the future!!! Also, I am very impressed with the color selection!"