About Impresa

Impresa is a collection of products and brands that provide answers to your family’s common needs. Though our offerings span a wide array of categories – from sensory toys to coffee machine descaling solution—the unifying link is what we promise to deliver with every purchase: Quality. Innovation. Value.

Best Sellers

Favorite Fidget and Sensory Toys

"These are the best! My daughter is 6 and has autism, she loves to stretch them...She has gives them to her friends who also have autism and like to manipulate things with their hands and everyone always asks where to find them. I'm glad I found such a good supplier! Thank you!"

For Your Kitchen

Best Selling Appliance Descalers

For many appliances that use tap water to run, limescale and hard water mineral build-ups are a fact of life. Over time, these build-ups degrade the inner workings of the machine and reduce its lifespan. Proper descaling is vital to these appliance - we've created formulas for a variety of these machines to keep them running in tip-top shape!